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LUSTRE KIT Diashine By Lino Adolf

LUSTRE KIT Diashine By Lino Adolf
LUSTRE KIT Diashine By Lino Adolf
LUSTRE KIT Diashine By Lino Adolf
890.90 лв.


Diashine LUSTRE KIT By Lino Adolf - the ultimate kit to finalize your chair-side restorations to a natural lustre, regardless of the material of choice.

The kit includes:

1 Cup Shaped Bur

1 DiaTrim 4mm

1 Diamond Spiral Bur

1 CompoFlex 16/3

1 DiaFlex Extra Fine

1 DiaFlex Fine

1 DiaFlex Medium Fine

1 DiaFlex Medium

4 Stiff Bristle Brush

4 Medium Bristle Brush

4 Soft Bristle Brush

2 Chamois Brush

2 Occluso Bristle Brush

1 DiaShine Coarse

1 DiaShine Fine

1 DiaShine Super Fine Soft

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