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Curriculum of VieSID Bulgaria for Dental Technicians 2024

In the brochure you can find detailed information. Here you also can find the registration.

This course is brand new and especially for dental technicians.

This course is especially for dental technicians, who would like to get familiar with the "Slavicek concept".

In this brochure you can find detailed information.

The goal of the course is to give an overview over the "Slavicek conept", and get practical
knowledge about different waxing classes and splints. Educate how to work as a dental technician
with the "Slavicek concept".

The course is subdivided in 3 parts. The first part is the lecture, the other two parts are laboratoryparts. Each module takes 3 days time.

Module A:

  • Day 1: overview and principles of the "Slavicek concept".
  • Day 2: basic´s in model work, facebow mounting, arbitrary and axis mounting, Articulator and its additional parts - how to use
  • Day 3: class 1 wax up

Module B:

  • Day 1: repetition class 1, homework controll and theoretical part of class 1, theory about splint therapy, use of the CPV (Condylar-Position-Variator)
  • Day 2: Splint production - for each participant by himself, for himself - feel the function
  • Day 3: waxing class 2

Module C:

  • Day 1: repetition of Class 2, homework controll. Overwiev of all classes 1./2./3., theory about splints in according to "Slavicek concept" (retrusive guidance on splint surface), questions and answers
  • Day 2: class 3 waxing / crossbite
  • Day 3: class 3 waxing, repetition of the whole concept, therapeutical overlays - why and how, discussion about the concept on cases, different dental classes.
Module A-C Dates to be announced
Course fee:4 900 euro
Course director:
DT Stefan Thunert, DR Manol Ivchev
DT Stefan Thunert, DR Manol Ivchev
Course language:English, Bulgarian
Target group:
Dental technicians
Nr. of participants:
To guarantee intensive and effective lessons, the maximum number of participants has to be limited.
The participants will be awarded a VieSID Bulgaria certificate.
The course will take place in Coldy Dent Clinic & Coldy Dent LAB.
For more informations, please contact us via