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Pascal Occlude® SPRAY- 2 x 75g + 1 Spray GIFT

Pascal Occlude® SPRAY- 2 x 75g + 1 Spray GIFT
Pascal Occlude® SPRAY- 2 x 75g + 1 Spray GIFT
119.98 лв.

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Order 2 x 75g Pascal Occlude Spray and Take 1 Spray as a Gift!

Occlude® SPRAYChair side or laboratory marking spray for locating high spots.

OccludeOrder No.

GreenLab size (75g) # 05-305
RedLab size (75g) # 05-325

  • Approved for intra-oral use
  • Recommended for both chair side and lab use
  • Available in Green or Red, 23g or 75g Lab size
  • Excellent aid in seating castings
  • Accurate – no intra-occlusal displacement during marking. Assures pinpoint location of high spots
  • Effective – marks any tooth or restorative surface (including gold) in either wet or dry field
  • Highly visible
  • Easy – instantaneous fingertip application
  • New low pressure formula provides cleaner application and is easily removed with water
  • Contains no CFCs
  • To ensure proper use of Occlude, a disposable applicator tip is recommended - Disposable Occlude Tips, 100 disposable tips per box #05-400

   This promotional offer is valid till 31st October 2023 or till finishing of the quantities!

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