MODULE A: from 13 to 17.01.2024   MODULE B: from 01 to 05.04.2024   MODULE C: from 24 to 28.06.2024

VieSID Bulgaria Basic Curriculum for Dentists 2024

The VieSID Curriculum is a comprehensive and outstanding program for dentists, dental technicians, and interdisciplinary professions, designed to provide advanced, hands-on education in the functions and dysfunctions of the craniomandibular system and the latest technological developments in dentistry.

A well-balanced combination of theory and practice allows experts to acquire the skills and treatment concepts that can easily be implemented in their daily practice.

An interdisciplinary approach of Professor Slavicek's Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry equips dentists with a deep understanding of treatment options and connections between different medical fields. This approach improves patients' health-related quality of life by considering all aspects and interconnections in their treatment.

Lecturers are highly educated and experienced dental experts trained and certified in Slavicek’s approach, DR Stefan Thunert, DR Manol Ivchev, and DR Daniela Storino.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate of VieSID in cooperation with the Medical University & University Clinic of Dentistry of Vienna

Venue: The course will be held at Coldy Dent Clinic and Coldy Dent LAB

Host: Complete Dental Solutions, Coldy Dent Clinic, and Coldy Dent LAB

Organised by: VieSID Bulgaria® & Complete Dental Solutions

Course language: English / with the possibility of Bulgarian translation

Price: 7 920 € incl. VAT


  • Master the Importance of Occlusion and Function in Dentistry

Discover the critical role that occlusion plays in the human body and why it's crucial to view the masticatory organ as a functional element in the organism. Learn how modern changes in lifestyle, nutrition, and stress have affected the significance of occlusion and how to approach it in a comprehensive manner.


  • Adopt an Interdisciplinary Approach to Dentistry

Stay ahead of the game in the rapidly developing field of dental medicine by learning how to work closely with other medical fields. Get a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements, research results, and technological facilities and how to apply an evidence-based approach to your treatment planning.


  • Benefit from the Expertise of Top Dentists and Dental Technologists

Get an education from the best. Learn from Dr. Manol Ivchev, the founder of COLDY DENT Functional Atelier and a leading expert in functional dentistry. Study with Dr. Daniela Storino, a graduate of the prestigious School of Dentistry at Piracicaba - UNICAMP, and DT Stefan Thunert, a specialist in functional and aesthetic dental technology.


  • Get Hands-On, Comprehensive Education in Dentistry

Acquire a deep and thorough education in dentistry that covers both scientific knowledge and hands-on training. In three modules, receive an advanced and profound education that will shape you into an outstanding dentist. Benefit from practical homework that will complete your postgraduate education.



Manol Ivchev is a highly trained and experienced orthodontist and founder of COLDY DENT Functional Atelier.

 With a background in dental medicine from Sofia's Faculty of Dental Medicine and six years of experience as an orthodontic intern, Dr. Ivchev specializes in functional dentistry.

He has received training from renowned institutions such as Dawson, Logal, and the Slavicek Institute in Vienna, making him one of the youngest instructors there.

In his practice, he follows the complex treatment protocols of Prof. Rudolf Slavicek and continues to increase his knowledge through individual courses and training events.

Dr. Ivchev holds certifications in lingual orthodontics, treatment of orthodontic anomalies, and functional orthodontics from top universities, including the University of Dentistry in Daegu, South Korea. He has also completed training in digital smile design and functional dental technology.


Daniela Storino is a a proud graduate of one of Brazil's top dentistry schools, UNICAMP. With over 25 years of experience, she's a top expert in her field.


Meet DT Stefan Thunert. A specialist in functional and aesthetic dental technology, using the proven Slavicek system. With a Master of Science from The Danube University and years of experience, he gave many lectures and courses.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best and join the forefront of your field with the VieSID Curriculum!