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Course format: online

General information:

  • Lecturer: Dr Manol Ivchev
  • Language: Bulgarian
  • Target group – specialists in the field of dentistry 
  • Organiser: Complete Dental Solutions
  • Telephone for information and registration: 0899 947293
  • E-mail for information and registration:

Dr. Ivchev’s messageOrthodontics is not just about arranging teeth in dental arches. Orthodontics can solve many aesthetic and functional problems, and create a new functional environment. Orthodontics can create an easier and more functional prosthetic environment in multidisciplinary cases. I call this orthodontics Biophysiological orthodontics. This is a revolutionary new philosophy that is in balance with function, TMJ, respects function and gives new horizons for treatment.

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Lecturer CV: Dr. Manol Ivchev is one of the leading doctors in Dentistry as well as leading lecturer in occlusal medicine in Bulgaria. He's graduated from School of Dental Medicine in Sofia and has attended courses of Functional Occlusion trainings accredited by the Slavicek Institute in Vienna - VieSID. For the past 10 years he has invested in training all over the world in courses on functional orthodontics and a more holistic approach to treatment. In his dental clinic he offers complete patient care, from functional diagnosis to full mouth rehabilitation for the most complex cases, not only aesthetic but also correcting functional problems in which speech, chewing, breathing and proper jaw alignment is compromised