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(50 pc/pck., incl. nuts)

Individually selectable and reusable distance blocks in 3 sizes, straight and slanted. In combination with the red mounting plates the system is easy to use and highly precise. Errors in the mounting position caused by plaster expansion can be minimized.

The distance blocks are held in the articulator through magnetic retention. The retaining magnet is built into the articulator, so that the full height of the unit can be utilized, while maintaining even traction.

This minimizes the disturbing influences of cast expansion during the hardening process. Different heights and slopes allow for optimal use.

The red mounting plates are screwed, removable, into the distance blocks. If the block is unscrewed from the model, it leaves a print in the cast, so that an identical block can be screwed in, if repositioning is necessary. During active treatment, the distance block should not be unscrewed.

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