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Transfer stand for Reference articulator
(for Artex®, SAM® Denar®/Hanau® on request)

The Condylograph ‘classic’ is a highly precise measuring device for the functional diagnosis-working dental practice.

The most important components of the set are an upper, most pelvic facial face bow, a lower mandibular face bow, and a transfer stand for the OK transmission into the articulator.

The upper face bow is stabilized by a functional 3-point support technique on the patient head. The side arms rest on the ear saddles without force. The face bow is fixed by a retention strap.

The mechanical connection of the front and side parts ensure an exact alignment at the 90° angle. Thus, the flags are ideally suited for receiving writing flags (mechanical or electronic). The individual orbital pointer allows the assignment of any facial plane.

The easily-designed micro-adjustable mandibular face-bow allows the precise localization and adjustment of the individual kinematic hinge axis of the patient.

From the anatomical axis, the system can be equipped with both mechanical and electronic sensors (CADIAX compact or CADIAX 4).

The articulator model transfer of the upper jaw model takes place according to the exact axis and individually selected facial plane by means of the upper face bow and the transfer stand. In addition to the Reference articulators, various commercial split systems or other articulator systems can be installed.

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