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What you'll learn in VieSID Dentist Curriculum?

The principles of Occlusion, Function and the Craniomandibular System (TMJ) based on the research and concepts of prof. Rudolf Slavicek.

The principles of Functional Diagnosis, so you can diagnose, plan and implement predictable and stable treatments over time.

How to diagnose the Functions and Dysfunctions of the Craniomandibular System.

How to make the Treatment of Complex Cases Safe and Predictable.

About VieSID

VieSID, short for the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry, originated in Austria as an evolution of the teachings of Prof. Dr. Rudolf Slavicek.

The VieSID Bulgaria Basic Curriculum is perfect for dentists, dental technicians and orthodontists who are looking for a program that provides a logical concept for occlusal rehabilitation that can be tailored to the individual patient.

This extensive curriculum is designed to be the most comprehensive course in occlusion available today.

Education Program

3 modules. 15 days. Comprehensive hands-on education.

Dentist curriculum

Theory lessons are in a joint group of dentists and dental technicians, whereas the hands-on exercises are different and individually designed to meet the different requirements of both professional groups.

The VieSID curriculum focuses on aspects, functions and dysfunctions of the craniofacial system.

Learn how to diagnose and treat occlusal disorders with confidence - in 3 modules

This modular, comprehensive and intensive course offers theoretical and practical lessons, all in a well balance throughout the 3 modules. The concept and the system of the course permit an immediate and easy implementation of the gained knowledge in the daily work of the participants.​

Day 1

1.1. Introduction
1.2. Occl. Index, Medical Anamnesis
1.3. NMS
1.4. Muscle Palpation + Demo
1.5. Occlusogram
1.6. Neurologic exam + Demonstration
1.7. Phylonto

Day 2

2.1. CMS
2.2. RP
2.3. Photo Documentation
2.4. AO-Coordinate system
2.5. Articulator / Face bow
2.6. Impression
2.7. Instruction Gamma Document Browser

Day 3 Practical

3.1. Anamnesis / Occlusal index
3.2. Muscle palpation demo
3.3. Neurological screening
3.4. Photos: face + intraoral
3.5. Occlusograms and interpretation.
3.6. Painting guidance according to occlusograms

Day 4 Practical

4.1. Upper cast mounting with anatomic face bow
4.2. RP and lover cast mounting
4.3. Photos of the casts
4.4. Demo Gamma browser with one student data (initial findings / foto/ occlusogram.)

Day 5

5.1 Evolution
5.2. Cybernetics
5.3. Finalization of the documentation / Discussion about cases (muscles palpation and occlusograms) / Full documented cases in Gamma browser

Day 1 & Day 2

1.1 Functions part 1 / part2
1.2. Test for module A / students cases checking / Homework
1.3. Hinge-axis
1.4. Clinical Instrumental Analysis (Repetitions RP, CMS, NMS. Articulator / Face bow when necessary)
1.5. BruxChecker
1.6. Instrumental Analysis in the Articulator (included some explanations about CPV)

Day 3 & Day 4

2.1. Practical Work Module B
2.2. RP recording check and /or repeat
2.3. Hinge-axis, condylography, kinematic face bow mounting anterior guidance measuring, occlusal protocol static, occlusal protocol dynamic, CPM mechanic

Day 5

3.1. Condylography Interpretation 1 Basic / Advanced Cases

Day 1 & Day 2

1.1 Wax-up class 1 (lecture by a dental technician)

Day 3 & Day 4

2.1. Ceph Tracing/Analysis
2.2. Ceph Interpretation
2.3. Practical Work (Ceph analog + digital usually done during the theoretical lecture)
2.4. Compensation mechanism
2.5. Functional Geometry
2.6. Sequential guidance and occlusal concept guidelines
2.7. Examination written test and cases presentations

Day 5

3.1. Initial Therapy workflow
3.2. Initial Therapy and splints
3.3. Internal derangement and MRI
3.4. Test results discussion
3.5. Cases -> Diagnoses -> initial Treatment options

VieSID Bulgaria reserves the right to make changes to the course program, the course time or the course location. VieSID reserves the right to postpone a course up to 2 weeks before the start. VieSID Bulgaria is not liable for the associated costs incurred by the participants due to a postponement.

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    Dr Ivchev 200x200

    Dr Manol Ivchev

    Highly trained and experienced orthodontist and founder of COLDY DENT Functional Atelier. With a background in dental medicine from Sofia’s Faculty of Dental Medicine and six years of experience as an orthodontic intern, Dr. Ivchev specializes in functional dentistry.

    Read more
    Dr Storino 200x200

    Dr Daniela Storino

    She has been in private orthodontic practice since 2000, as well as being a course co-ordinator, instructor, and clinical professor for a mini-residency program in UPS as well as other Universities, including in other countries.
    After some 10 years in practice, she decided to treat her son – as well as raise the level of excellence of her treatment and enrolled in various programs around the world in this pursuit.

    Read more

    Stefan Thunert 200x200

    DT Stefan Thunert

    Dental technician since 1991, working in different well known dental laboratory’s and dental offices.
    Own laboratory since the year of 2000.
    2001- 2005 – International lectures for Authentic – press able ceramic system.
    2001 started having courses with the Slavicek Consept;

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, the VieSID Basic Curriculum is accredited by the Medical University & University Clinic of Dentistry of Vienna. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a certificate of VieSID in cooperation with the Medical University & University Clinic of Dentistry of Vienna.

    Course registrations are only valid if a written registration has been made and after VieSID Bulgaria has issued a seat confirmation for this course.To guarantee intensive and effective training the number of the participants has to be limited.

    VieSID Basic Curriculum includes practical modules which makes online attending impossible.

    The course fees are to be paid immediately after receipt of the invoice by bank transfer without any deductions. The participant bears bank fees.

    VieSID provides all hand out material and necessary equipment to use during the course sessions, and a trial subscription to CADIAX/CADIAS software which will last for the duration of the program. Prior to the beginning of module A all course participants will be asked to have two sets of upper and lower accurate casts fabricated with both upper casts split casted and one lower pinned. During the course days we will supply enough GAMMA Reference articulators, access to electronic condylography units, hinge axis transfer jigs, CPM’s, sundries and any other supplies necessary to complete the diagnosis. Initially participants will practice in pairs with fellow attendees to learn the procedures.

    If you wish to purchase after the course any other equipment for your practice we will assist you with it .

    The course fee of 7920 Euro includes only 3 modules education.
    The course fee does not include any other costs (travel, hotel, etc.) that the course participants incur.

    In case of exception the fee could be paid in instalments but the participant must be agree preliminary with the specific conditions and terms of each installment.

    Cancellations must be made in writing. Please see Cancellation Policy

    Rebooking at the request of participants: 240.00 euros (including VAT) per module.

    Photos of participants that were taken during the course may be used by VieSID Bulgaria for advertising purposes. If participants do not agree, they are obliged to inform VieSID Bulgaria in writing immediately after registration.

    If you have question feel free to contact us on 

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    We helped many dentists, orthodontists and dental technicians to diagnose and treat occlusal disorders with confidence


    “I found this course because of the problems I was experiencing with my patients, because of their joint problems more recently, which I later realized was to some extent caused by me. The information was delivered in an extremely digestible way, with plenty of time between modules to try out what was learned, test what was learned, so to speak. I would recommend the course to absolutely all my colleagues who want to develop their skills in orthodontics, in prosthetics.” ​
    (Dr. Dilyana Popova)


    “I’m a dentist. I have been working in Stara Zagora for 6 years. I enrolled in the course because I wanted to learn more about occlusion and be better for my patients. The course not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. With this course, we can learn not only about occlusion and why occlusion should be like that and make the best treatment for the patient, not just something to do to them. I learned much more than what I came for.” ​
    (Dr. Toni Peycheva)


    “I have known about the course for seven years. If someone wants something easy, this is not the place for them, but it is certainly someone who wants to make it easier for their practice to solve many problems that we all have as doctors. It is very good that the course is conducted in three modules. It’s great to have a few months between modules to digest the information. And we have homework, which is also nice. That is, there is a practical part, it is not only theoretical knowledge. There is also an opportunity for practice. The teachers are wonderful. They take a lot of time to answer all our questions and support us because the course is a long journey and I think now is just the beginning. I would recommend the course to anyone who works in orthodontics, to anyone who works with children, and to anyone who works with general dentists who have various difficulties in their practice.”​
    (Dr. Katerina Miteva)​​

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